Speed dating in Hong Kong: A new and exciting opportunity awaits!

Speed dating in Hong Kong “As you move outside of your comfort zone , what was once the unknown and frightening becomes your new normal.” – Robin S. Sharma

We as human beings, we will usually prefer the classic one-on-one, face-to-face date. But what is life without some extra spice in it? What is life if we, as human beings, aren’t willing to try something new, something a little crazy, having no idea what lies in store?

It’s like the difference between planned and unplanned travel. The former is nice, reassuring and fun, but the latter involves more thrill. More uncertainty and overcoming the fear of the unknown can often yield better results, helping you find places you may never have imagined.

We understand that for mature men in Hong Kong. You have an extremely busy schedule that makes it quite difficult to find time for yourself. Let alone time for romance. This should compel you to try out something completely different, new and challenging for yourself. Now, is your opportunity to try out Speed dating in Hong Kong!

Speed dating in Hong Kong

There could be many questions surrounding speed dating, especially the effectiveness of it. We can also understand that there might be a certain level of skepticism as to what could possibly be accomplished in a mere 4 minute date. However, an article in Psychology Today revealed that a lot of people who participate in speed dating look for long-term relationships as well!


meet.mozaic’s upcoming speed dating event

On April 18, 2018 we will give you the opportunity to interact with eight people of the opposite sex. The crowd will be in the 40-55 year old demographic, and believe it or not, the event is already sold out for women, and our waiting list is full too. The women who have registered for the event are all multinational, well-educated, professional and attractive women. This evening offers a great opportunity to meet several like-minded people of your demographics.

It is normal that we as human beings have ‘types’, but at this event, as in life, we suggest keeping an open mind. Every person is different, with their own traits, personalities and qualities that separate them from one another. Keeping an open mind might help you find a unique quality or interest in someone who you didn’t expect to have been attracted to in the first place.

What complements an open mind is a smile on your face. A positive attitude is evident from body language, which only takes a simple smile. Ideally, try to avoid talking about your work during a conversation, as it may end up sounding like a job interview instead. Remember there are time constraints and that you will need to make the most out of the 4 minutes you will have with your date!



Given that the one-on-one dates last only 4 minutes, it is ideal to come with some prepared questions, but at the same time, not sound too rehearsed! Once your 4 minutes with a date is finished, you will have a minute to fill in your comments on our simple speed dating form.

We strongly suggest that you book your spot soon, as this will help us to host a fun and successful event.

The next day, we will give your feedback on your speed dating evening. We let you know how many matches you had, and we will also let you know if someone wants to see you again, even if you opted not to see them. Believe it or not, this often takes people by surprise and could even result in an unexpected new romance!


Step out of your comfort zone and join a casual and run evening event to meet a variety of new HK people. Speed dating in Hong Kong, Keep an open mind, be calm, warm, open and listen well. You never know who you may meet and that’s the whole enjoyment of the evening!

Non-members can register at a cost of HK$550.

For further details, go to meet.mozaic.

Date: Wednesday, 18 April 2018 Venue: Havana Club Terrace, 4/F 21 D’Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong Time: 7:00PM- 9:00PM

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