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Safe Dating in Hong Kong

An article in a May 2018 issue of the SCMP, about online dating fraud, illustrates how easy it is to be tricked by online profiles. Internet scammers tend to target the over 40 crowd to find more vulnerable victims. Somehow the scammers are talented enough at their game to be able to con well educated, professional and experienced women and men into letting down their guard and falling in love. In a new relationship, victims will often be willing to send money and gifts to their online lovers who then often disappear into cyberspace.

Here are some obvious clues that may help you to be aware of fraudsters when you go online for dating:

• If someone looks too good to be true, he or she probably is.
• Fraudulent profiles often;

– are very handsome or beautiful
– are looking for a serious match
– are a widow or widower
– love children
– works on an oil rig, in the army, or in some other isolated location making it difficult to meet in person
– have an ambiguous nationality, (such as mother from US, father from UK etc)
– use very flowery, detailed love language and
– use odd grammar and word syntax that does not match their claim to be a native English speaker

With this knowledge lurking in the back of our minds it is difficult to approach online dating with any confidence. However, there is a safer option now available in Hong Kong, meet.mozaic ( matchmaking. We offer an old-fashioned service that takes place in real time, and face to face. meet.mozaic, matchmaking offers a pool of professional, international, English-speaking Hong Kong residents for our clients to date.

Clients are not requested to pay large sums of money upfront or charge different fees based on their sex. This policy creates an equitable balance where our clients, regardless of their sex are committed to finding a good match and not just playing the field. It is also in the interest of meet.mozaic to find successful matches for our clients, as clients only pay the matchmaking package fee when a match they would like to date is found.

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 meet.mozaic wishes to create matches, to add value to our client’s lives. In order to achieve this, we ask our clients to complete a questionnaire as well as attend a personal interview with one of our matchmakers. We goal is to match the lifestyle and personal preferences of our clients. We cannot control chemistry, but at the minimum, our clients will be like-minded and have some similar interests.

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meet.mozaic offers a free Consultation to get to know our clients and answer questions they may have. A small registration fee of $688.00 is charged to start the process. This fee covers the cost of, creating a profile and for us to begin looking for your suitable matches. Once a match is suggested and both the male and female client agrees to the date, the matchmaking fee of $6,888.00 is to be paid. This fee covers a minimum of 3 dates over a one year period.

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 meet.mozaic is focused on the mature HK resident, generally over the age of 40. We also host Speed Dating events where our clients can meet other singles in their demographic. These events are fun for both finding potential matches as well as friends. The events are stress-free, low key evenings where like-minded HK singles can meet. We have Speed Dating evenings for different age groups and we welcome everyone. We will also offer wine pairing dinners, salsa dancing evenings and trips overseas for HK singles will be on offer in the next coming months.

Speed Dating events:

– June 19 for 40+ years old
– June 20 for 30-45 years old
– at Havana Club in LKF from 7-9pm
– tickets cost HKD 550/each or HKD450 for meet.mozaic members

Full details on Meetmozaic Speed Dating Events.

Free Matchmaking Consultation go to meet.mozaic elite matchmaking


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