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Millennial Online Dating Terms You Need to Know

Online dating has evolved a lot since its infancy days. The online dating game has changed into a millennial’s game and as such, so has the lingo altogether.


With the age of social media and the popularity of things like memes, it was only a matter of time before a variety of terms would spread and pick up among the social-media-savvy generation!

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The world of dating has always been mysterious, but has the current generation further complicated the matter with online dating?! It’s hard to say, but the search for the human connection remains the same. With that being said, if you’re out of the loop, here’s a guide to the latest in dating jargon:


 Online Dating Terms

Cushioning: Flirting with a whole bunch of people despite being in a committed relationship. This way, even if things go awry in your relationship, you have a cushion to fall back on!

Used in a sentence: It’s not going that well with Tina. Fortunately, I’ve been cushioning with Jane and Jessica.


Catfish: A person who pretends to be someone else online to try and lure romantic or sexual interest in you by using a fake profile or fake photos.

Used in a sentence: My god, I thought I was in love with this hot young guy Dave I was talking to online. When we met, he was like 80, short and fat! Total catfish.


Bae: While many believe it’s a short form for ‘babe’, it actually stands for ‘Before All Else’. It’s used to refer to a person’s romantic partner.

Used in a sentence: My bae is so cute! Look at this incredible gift he got me.


Breadcrumbing: Constantly sending flirtatious texts to other people occasionally to keep them interested without fully sinking their interest.

Used in a sentence: Initially, I thought Greg was interested in me… but he never goes any further than light flirting. I think he’s just breadcrumbing.


Ghosting: When a person of interest or partner abruptly disappears, cutting off all forms of contact with you.

Used in a sentence: Oh my god, don’t go anywhere near Jake! We had two incredible dates, but now he’s completely ghosting me! I have no idea what went wrong.


Benching: This is perhaps the oldest actual term on the list. Simply put, it’s when you’re at a stage of dating but haven’t yet made it official, and one person isn’t quite certain whether to go ahead or not. They do only if there are no other potential dating prospects. Not very flattering!

Used in a sentence: I’m not sure yet if I’m into Janet. We had two great dates, but we’ll see where it goes. For now I’m benching her.

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FWB: FWB stands for ‘Friends with Benefits’. It’s when you’re friends with someone and have a sexual relationship with them. An emotional commitment, however, is off the cards! Warning: If the movies are anything to go by, an FWB relationship almost always gets complicated by feelings after a point!

Used in a sentence: I just don’t have time for a relationship right now. It’s FWB all the way for me!


Monkeying: Like a monkey jumping from branch to branch, ‘Monkeying’ is when a person jumps from relationship to relationship without any real break in between.

Used in a sentence: I’m done monkeying. Time to settle down in a real relationship!


Netflix and Chill: When you take it literally, it means that you’re going to someone’s place to relax and watch a movie or binge watch some TV shows… colloquially, however, it’s a euphemism for hooking up!

Used in a sentence: What’s your plan tomorrow night? Can I come over to… Netflix and Chill?


Submarining: Reappearing in someone’s life after ghosting them without explaining why they vanished.

Used in a sentence: I’m so confused. Jake just submarined after three years missing.


Stashing: Hiding a romantic interest or partner from friends and family because you feel it’s not going to last long.

Used in a sentence: I’m stashing Amy away until I’m sure where the relationship is going.


Kittenfish: Now, while it’s not actual catfishing, this is somewhere in the same family. Basically, it’s when a person looks far more attractive in their photos than they do in real life, to the point that you might even doubt they’re the same person. The Kittenfish puts up a deceptive appearance of themselves, while the Catfish pretends to be a completely different person.

Used in a sentence: This girl I met online has been trying to kittenfish me. She must have had like three kilos of makeup on her face in the pic she shared!


Slide into DMs: To ‘slide’ into a person’s direct message and start a non-platonic conversation!

Used in a sentence: John slid into my DMs last night. I had no idea he thought of me that way!



The latest trends and slangs can definitely be confusing to someone who’s not used to all these terms, but online dating and friendships are actually a great way to stay current and change with the times! You don’t actually have to use these terms, of course, but at least you’ll understand the jargon.    

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