How do you get closer to your partner? 5 necessary steps to build intimacy in a relationship


The word intimacy and sex are often mistaken for each other. In fact, intimacy is about building a deep connection with another human beings, particularly your partner.


Building intimacy comes organically in rare cases. Put in the effort from both sides to build a very strong emotional bond. It isn’t easy, but is definitely necessary! Try these steps to build intimate relationships with that special someone.


i) Open Communication


Being open and honest to each other is the biggest key to intimacy, which is founded on the ability to be 100% honest with your partner and not hide anything from them. This includes being able to cry in front of them, laugh in front of them and express any emotion or thought freely without fear of emotional consequences. 


This helps to develop a deeper understanding of each other and, subsequently, more trust. Trust is perhaps the single most important factor when it comes to intimacy in relationships.


ii) Patience


People aren’t predictable, and more often than not, they can be closed books. We all have crazy thoughts in our heads that can often be difficult to express, especially the deepest ones which we don’t really tell many people. This is why patience is required.


Saying that you’re willing to listen and understand is easy, but actually doing it takes more time than you might think. Time and again, it’ll often require you to think on your feet and try to understand a situation of your partner’s without it actually being explained to you. Patience can be a challenge when building intimacy, but it has a great payoff.




iii) Do something new and exciting

Doing activities together, particularly something that you haven’t done before, can be quite entertaining and a great way to discover more about one another. Go on a road trip, go ice-skating, cook together, pamper one another and do something that will keep you both engaged. You’ll both bond over something new and may discover a new favourite activity to do together! Join Mozaic Club’s gatherings and get-togethers to try out something unique on a regular basis.




iv) Embrace the routine


While it’s great to step away and try something new to mix things up, it’s equally important to be able to embrace the routine you and your partner have to live with on a daily basis!


You could argue that predictability can be boring, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t positives to regularity. Embracing the routine helps you and your partner recognize and understand each other’s behaviour more. Comfort comes with familiarity, and intimacy comes from long-term love and comfort.




v) Understanding the different types of intimacy


Sexual intimacy isn’t the only kind there is. There’s physical, intellectual, emotional and even experiential intimacy. Each is just as important as the other and adds layers to your relationship with your partner.



Intimacy is a foundation for your relationship, built by both of you and which you are both equally responsible for. It’s about building it up, brick by brick, to create a rock-solid foundation that can stand the test of time. After all, in the truest sense, what is intimacy but another word for love?

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