life after divorce

Hong Kong Life After Divorce

Hong Kong may have a reputation as a ‘graveyard for marriages’ but when one door closes, plenty more open.

Old fashioned matchmaking is making a comeback in Hong Kong, especially among the city’s more mature singles. It’s a jungle out there. And the concrete jungle that we call home, Hong Kong, is crawling with people. You (literally) bump into someone day in and day out on these streets, often without a passing glance or hello. When you’re single and looking for companionship, you may notice this more, and despite the abundance of people on this tiny dot on the map, it’s not always easy to meet a mate. Jacqueline Chia and Carol DeCandido of meet.mozaic, a new discreet matchmaking service for mature, English-speaking Hong Kong residents, put it best: “You can live in a city with more than 7 million people and still feel disconnected.” So how do Hong Kongers get connected? Read more: TheHKHUB

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