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HK Dating Top 10 Pick Up Lines

10 things to remember when you’re trying to pick someone up…
plus 5 lines that’ll really make you laugh!

HK Dating. When approaching someone with an eye to romance (especially when men approach women), it’s important to stand out. HK Dating being Confidence is key! Icebreakers can often be difficult and we tend to get carried away and try too hard, which just makes things worse. But if done right, these lines are perfect to open up a conversation!

1) Focus on what stands out about them:

While this may not always work, observation is key here. Find a physical feature, a piece of clothing or an accessory that’s really unique about them, and compliment them on it. 


“I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anyone wear that kind of an ankle bracelet before”, for instance, would tell them that they’re beautiful and have a unique sense of style. 


Make sure you don’t pick something that they might be embarrassed about though. “Those freckles on your cheeks look amazing!” for example, could put a woman off if she has struggled with concealer to hide them!


2) A positive angle:

pick up lines clouds

Start off with a positive first impression. That’s why your opening line should add to the positive vibe of the meeting.

Try something like:

“The skies have been so blue of late! What are you planning to take advantage of the sunshine?”


3) Compliment something other than looks:

People invariably begin a romantic conversation with a compliment on looks. Go outside the box! Giving someone a compliment on something that doesn’t involve their looks helps you stand out… and flatters them too!

Try something simple like:

“You seem like a very understanding person.”


4) Ask a silly question:

dating pickup lines

Quick-witted and funny. Nothing makes you stand out like making the person you’re approaching laugh. That instantly makes you more friendly in their eyes and thus, easier to strike a conversation with.

 Try out:
“What’s your breakfast preference: pancakes, waffles, or sleeping in till lunch?”


5) Be confident, not cocky:

The key is speaking with absolute confidence and a smile on your face. It’s important not to come across as obnoxious so that it doesn’t blow up in your face!

What about:
“What’s a smart, attractive man like me doing without your number?!”


6) Maintain eye contact as you soulfully compliment her:

Look straight into the other person’s eyes and make her feel like she’s about to become the whole world to you. Do remember to disengage eye contact occasionally, though, or you do risk coming across as creepy! 


“I woke up thinking it was going to be another boring day, and then I saw you.”


7) Capitalize on extroversion:

It’s common for people to like meeting other new people. Keep it simple – don’t assume that the stranger you’re speaking to is shy!

Try this:
“If you’re going to meet one random person today, let it be me.”


8) Self-deprecating humor:

In Hong Kong Making a person of the opposite sex laugh is one thing, but being comfortable enough in your own skin to let them laugh at you is quite another! Being able to make fun of yourself gives you instant brownie points in the eyes of the other person!

For example:
“I don’t flirt, but I’ll totally seduce you with my awkwardness.”


9) Hong Kong Dating Open-ended questions:

Ask an open-ended question that could potentially begin a long conversation. Once you get an idea of the other person’s interests, it can be a gateway to a great conversation. Always ideal when approaching someone new!

“What’s something that you could talk about for hours?” not only gets them talking (in any first-conversation, always try to get your partner to speak more than you do; it makes you seem more charming, polite and mysterious, all at the same time) but also helps you understand the person better. After all, what if they ’re passionate about something you hate?!


+5) Make them laugh! :

pickup lines girls laugh

If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, the best way to capture a woman’s or a man’s attention in your first date is certainly by making them laugh! Try one of these hilarious one-liners:


Are you a 45-degree angle? Because you’re acute-y!

pickup lines hk

Hi, I’m writing a term paper on the finer things in life, and I was wondering if I could interview you?

Roses are red, violets are blue. I’m terrible at poetry, go out with me?

If you were a tropical fruit, you’d be a Fine-apple!


Do you like Raisins? Well, how about a Date?

Admittedly, some of these lines can go either way. That’s why execution is everything! As you’ve probably realized, confidence, warmth, approachability and a laid-back approach are essential to successfully begin a conversation with a complete stranger. An organically begun conversation can lead you to places you may not have expected! Happy Dating!

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