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First Dates: Your Guide to Get it Right

First dates: Your guide to get it right

There are few things in life that are more nerve-racking than a first date. There’s always concern on both ends, be it male or female. Will you be run out of things to talk about? Will you make a good first impression? Will your date notice the sweaty palms? Are you dressed appropriately? These are just some of the many concerns that people have when going on first dates. The good news for you is that you’re not alone!

Here are a few ways to approach a first date:


One of the most important forms of communication isn’t even verbal. Body language conveys a lot more about a person than you realize. Here are three very important examples of how body language can work in your favour during your first date:

Mimicry: Mimicry is the art of subtly imitating a person’s body language. This isn’t a way of mocking, but rather a way of making your date more comfortable. For example, when your date leans forward and talks, you lean forward the exact same amount as well. It unknowingly makes you more likeable to the other person via a sense of familiarity.  There’s few things more comforting to a date than knowing that you are similar to them.

Eye contact: This is a no-brainer. Eye contact, to a correct extent, instantly helps build rapport and connection between you and your date. However, it should be noted that there is a fine line between “I’m listening” eye contact and “I’m eyeballing you” eye contact.

Head tilting: A not very known yet effective body language tip to implement for a first date is head tilting. When listening to your date, tilting your head slightly is a huge indication that you are listening and are able to connect.

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Behaviour on a first date is perhaps the hardest part of the entire process. Due to people being very conscious about themselves and making a good first impression, sometimes their behaviour may come across as odd or unnatural. Counter-intuitive, but true! Here are a few tips to get your behaviour right on the first date:

      Hug your date with open arms when you meet. Shaking hands can be awkward.

      Put your cell phone away! Fiddling with your phone is a strict no-no!

      Be relaxed. Don’t get conscious about your conversation and don’t stress about what you’re going to say next. Let the conversation happen organically.

      Don’t mention being nervous during conversation. Sympathy doesn’t make you more attractive – confidence does. This is especially true for men wooing women. Sexist, perhaps; but certainly true!

      Most important of all – BE YOURSELF! If you can’t have a comfortable conversation with your date being 100% you, then consider reconsidering the relationship!

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Conversation and connection aside, your physical appearance plays a great role in the first date. The saying “Dress to impress” may not always apply to everyday life, but it definitely does to a first date! Here’s some advice for both the ladies and the men out there:


      Choose an outfit that reflects your personality.

      Follow rule no. 1, but select a neutral outfit that’s comfortable and not overly ambitious.

      Practice a few hairstyles before settling on one.


      Dress for comfort but avoid being too casual.

      Formal clothes always add an edge.

      Clothes that fit you perfectly make you look and feel more confident.

      Make sure you’re well-groomed.

Gender-neutral tips:

      Don’t wear too much perfume or cologne

      Be confident in what you wear

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Dating changes dramatically every decade of an individual’s life. This is understandable, as outlook, maturity, goals and priorities transform with each passing year. Here’s a few tips for people in their 20s, 30s and beyond!


      Don’t pressure yourself to commit when your priorities are different and the time isn’t right.

      Say no if the person isn’t right for you.

      Making a move on your date can be terrifying… but exciting at the same time!


      Don’t let the chains of your past hold you back.

      Be clear as to what you want.

      You will meet an increasing number of divorcees and individuals with broken relationships. Don’t go into a date with negative perceptions.

      Communication is everything.


      Age is just a number.

      Having high self-esteem and confidence is important. Don’t get discouraged by failure.

      Don’t rush anything. People date even in their 80s!

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