Finding Love at an Older Age

Love is love, and everyone deserves it, regardless of gender, age, race, sexuality or anything else. However, there’s often a stigma attached to entering the dating game when you’re in the second innings of life. As we know, love is not restricted to the teens and twenties, and it’s definitely not impossible to find someone special at any stage of life! Here’s what you need to know about starting and nurturing a relationship in older age.


Many people in their maturer years have already experienced love once, celebrating romance and living life to the fullest with a loving partner. Widowhood and divorce are two of the most common reasons that kick off the search for love in middle age.


A big obstacle faced in this task is the difficulty in finding a new partner. The stigma of being ‘old’ follows them around and can make it harder to find a partner. The irony is that with the advances of modern medicine, people have never had longer and healthier lives! But the challenges they face are quite different.


Finding a fitting partner is a big problem for older adults, particularly older women. While it’s well known that women have a longer life expectancy, society seems to accept older men with younger women but not vice versa. This societal double standard can make romance quite difficult! Many view sex among elderly in adulthood as slow, boring and dull. Researcher Edward Brecher wanted to end this stigma and suggested that older adults be more open about their sexuality in order to connect better with the younger generations.



Research done by Kate Burke finds that older adults list HONESTY as the most important trait any potential partner must have to build a relationship. This is because as you get older, there’s a greater level of self-acceptance, and a greater tendency to be your true self. In the same study, the ability to SOCIALIZE was identified as an important factor as well. Despite social networks reducing in size with age, older adults reportedly enjoy more socializing with friends and neighbors in person than virtually.


If you belong to the older adult demographic and are beginning to feel disheartened about dating and relationships in general, don’t! There is a whole world of potential relationships out there. While you’re searching, keep these rules in mind:


a) Be clear about what you want from a potential partner

b) Approach any situation with an open mind

c) Remember that children can really help bring partners together

d) Don’t hide your sexual limitations, preferential or physiological

e) Be honest about your past relationships

f) Understand and work past each other’s baggage


Both parties should be very clear as to what they want and are looking for, especially given that it’s a relationship between two mature adults who’ve seen the world, and are hoping to make a connection that will last for the rest of their lives.


Research done by the United Nations finds that the elderly population has tripled since 1950 and is set to triple again in the next 40 years. This is understandable as medicine and technology are a major factor in extending age. Successful romantic relationships help seniors significantly in boosting their physical and mental health.


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