Many single women out there

There are so many single women out there, but how do you find “ the one”?

As a single male in Hong Kong , and in many other highly populated cities around the world you have the advantage. There definitely appears to be a gender imbalance. Men have the choice of many beautiful, intelligent, successful women who would like to settle down with a good man.


The word on the street is that men do not need to settle down.  Why should they bother when they can play the field with a never-ending supply of beauties at their disposal? Another point to consider is, as a male you can always date younger women. They have no need to worry even if they are in their 60’s or 70’s, many beautiful 20-something years old still adore them. Men can start a family at any time in their life, no clock is ticking in the background.  On the surface, it could be concluded that there are no pressing reasons for men to marry and settle down.


Yet there appear to be single men out there who are still looking for “the one.”  Many men try online dating, sign up for matchmaking services, go on blind dates from introductions by their friends or meet someone at work. Some may have been single for many years, despite the oversupply of eligible women in Hong Kong. They still cannot find “the one.” There are many contributing factors to this problem such as a busy work schedule, not prioritizing romance, getting accustomed to being alone, age and not taking any risks when it comes to romance.


At the end of the day, male or female, we all wish to find our perfect soulmate. Not an easy task, especially in Hong Kong, being a cosmopolitan city filled with locals of varied backgrounds and expats from around the world. Everyone has a unique story. How do you find that special someone who is compatible and fits with your needs?


It would be necessary to take a chance and put yourself out there.  In the worst case scenario you may meet new friends, or in the best case scenario you may meet “the one.”  Bottom line, nothing ventured, nothing gained.


At meet.mozaic, our goal is to help in a discreet and comfortable way. We look for matches that meet your criteria, like-minded people with similar life plans and hopefully a lot of chemistry too!!  We focus on the older, mature demographic in Hongkong, however, we are open to help all ages find love.


Most of our clients are older, be they single, divorced or widowed. We find that they may have a different outlook on love than a younger person marrying for the first time. Meet.mozaic considers all of our clients as unique individuals and wishes to understand what they are looking for in a partner.


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Allow meet.mozaic to do the hard work for you in finding “the one.”  As a busy, male professional, you may not have time to go out to bars and parties to meet women. You may not be able to find who you are looking for in a partner in terms of nationality, age or background when you do go out.  Let meet.mozaic do the looking for you. We only match you with women who fit with your criteria, so we do not waste your time. We personally interview all of our clients and request them to complete a comprehensive questionnaire about their preferences and lifestyle habits.  Then we do the matching for our clients.


You may need to be patient and wait for us to find a suitable date for you once you have joined our matchmaking service.  We promise all clients three dates in a year after joining and these three dates will be matched to your preferences and not be random picks. Of course, we cannot control the chemistry, but we hope that you will have an entertaining date with a like-minded match. Our goal is to make long-term, matches for happy clients.



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In order to join the discreet matchmaking service, our clients first attend a free consultation, before paying a small registration fee.  No further matchmaking fees are charged until a suitable match is suggested and agreed upon by both parties. We are motivated to look for the right match for our clients and not just any match.  Our fees are the same for both men and women.  There are no hidden fees with meet.mozaic.


Another service we offer are fun and relaxed Speed Dating evenings for 30-45 years old and 40-55 years olds. These evenings are quickly booked out for female places. The female participants are all English-speaking and International women, definitely a microcosm of Hong Kong. We aim for a minimum of 8-males and 8-females with a maximum of 12-males and 12-females for each evening’s event. This offers a great opportunity to meet singles in your demographic in Hong Kong.


Our next Speed Dating events at Havana Club in LKF, 4th Floor, 21 D’aguilar Street will be on 15 May for (30-45 years old) and 16 May for (40-55 years old) promptly from 7-9:00 pm.


You can purchase tickets at:  Do hurry, as there are only a few spaces left for men!!


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