5 Rules (+1!) to Follow When You Dress to Impress


Whether it be at work, a special occasion, a get-together or even a romantic situation, dressing up and self-presentation are important aspects of social life.


People often underestimate the power of self-presentation. How you portray yourself goes much further than you might imagine! As they say, a first impression is often a lasting impression, and dressing well proves that you have taste, comfort in yourself and most importantly, self-confidence. This aura of self-confidence goes a long way towards impressing and attracting the opposite sex. While especially true of men, this rule holds good for women too.


Personality and other factors such as your conversational skills and sense of humour play a vital role when it comes to social interaction (and romance), of course. We would never dream of telling you that love is clothes-deep! However, the way you present yourself helps create a great first impression, and that can be a great stepping stone when you’re trying to attract that special someone.


Here are a few basic rules to follow when you dress to impress, whether it’s to woo someone or to slay at a party, or even while networking with colleagues and clients.


Dress according to your body size: 

It’s true when they say that all shapes and sizes are beautiful! Never try to force yourself into clothes two sizes too small, and never float through a social situation in clothes that could fit two of you. Whatever your body type is, own it and present yourself in a way that suits you. It won’t just help you look better and more natural, it will also convey the clear image that you accept yourself and don’t have a false self-image.



Simplicity is key: 

Many people think that wearing layers upon layers of the finest clothing and accessories, from the best brands, is what makes one most fashionable. However, the best-dressed among us go for simple looks that they’re able to pull off convincingly. So, keep it simple! Avoid the scarves, the berets, the bling and the over-bright colours. Go with elegance over excess, every time. 


Keep your clothes and shoes fresh:

After using a good set of clothes, make sure to wash and dry clean it so it’s fresh the next time you take it from your closet. Similarly, ensure your shoes are always clean, unscuffed, and polished if necessary, as you get ready to go out. This may seem elementary, but you’d be surprised how many of us simply forget to clean our clothes after a busy night-out! Shoes are the most important part of our get up, yet many of us just grab the right pair and run out the door. Stay visibly clean, sharp and elegant. It shows your respect for those around you – and yourself.



Always keep a jacket ready:

This applies mainly to men in office settings, or more formal situations. In a social setting, having a jacket is always good, whether you’re going to a club with a lady friend or an unexpected networking event from work. Keeping a sports jacket in a neutral colour such as navy blue on-hand gives you the flexibility to attend any event, any time.


Invest in clothing and mix it up:

Not everyone has, or even requires, a good wardrobe with many great clothes that they can wear every day. We all invest in the basics, but never forget that if you wear the same few clothes over and over again, as it becomes easily detectable. That’s true of shoes, too. Mix it up, change what you’re wearing. You don’t need a massive wardrobe. You can easily mix and match different items of clothing, picking out what you feel confident in and what suits you best.


However, our ultimate rule is the most important: DON’T dress to impress others! Instead, make sure youfeel good about the way you dress. It gives you positive reinforcement, leading to more confidence and self-belief. Dress to be comfortable, dress to be confident, and above all, dress to conquer! Have a happy journey into the world of fashion!


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