5 Incredible Summer Fashion Trends to Set the City Ablaze!

5 Incredible Summer Fashion Trends to Set the City Ablaze!

May 30, 2019

Summer is the most exciting season… and it’s almost here! Gone are the thick clothes and big boots of the winter cold, and out come the flip flops, bikinis, shorts, sunglasses and airy layers of the fun sunny summer.

Summer presents a fashion opportunity like no other, with new styles picking up every year. This year is no different! The fashion capitals of the world have approved a set of cool new trends for the Spring and Summer 2019 season.

We look at five must-try fashion trends this summer!


Tie-Dye shirts and tops first became a trend all the way in the 1960s during the peak of the counterculture movement that swept the world. Associated with hippie culture, these fun, colourful clothes are always available in laidback vacation destinations. However, 2019 has seen the vibrant colours of tie-dye make a huge comeback! Fashion magazine editors and social media influencers have played a role in spreading the trend from the runway to the real world.


2018 was the year of Ultra Violet shades, which means that 2019 was ready for a change! Fashionistas have already taken to lavender as a shade, sporting light clothes in a lighter shade of lavender. The best part is that the colour suits every item of clothing, from boots to dresses, tops to skirts.

Bucket Hats

Tie-Dye isn’t the only 20th Century fashion that’s back in vogue! In the ’90s, bucket hats were the most fashionable way to protect your head from the heat of the sun. Bucket hats are ideal for a weekend get-together or a quick outing. The bucket hat adds an edge to your look no matter the colour, design and type. So, pick your favourite design and proceed!

Bike Shorts with Blazers

Athleisure has been a growing trend, and 2019 has seen its peak so far with this unique look, credited to Trendspotter. With a sporty look elevated by elegant tailoring, the do helps you immediately stand out whether you’re out on a stroll or at an event. Jump onto this bandwagon now and be one of the first few on trend, as athleisure is gaining traction in the fashion centres of the world!


Puff Shoulders

This isn’t exactly the definition of minimalistic! Make a statement with puff sleeves on your dresses and blouses. Another vintage trend, puff sleeves are easy to get wrong. However, when it’s done right, stand back! Get ready to set the city on fire.

No matter the trend, though, nothing works unless you’re comfortable in it and your own skin. Put on confidence with your glares and slay the summer!

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