5 Creative Christmas Proposal Ideas

5 Creative Christmas Proposal Ideas


It’s commonly believed that Valentine’s Day is the day that the most proposals are made! In fact, however, a report byChilliSaucerevealed that Christmas Eve is the most popular time of the year to pop the question.


It’s easy to understand why. Christmas has a festive and jolly feel about it, an event that’s all about family. An intimate environment is a key part of feeling the closeness needed to make a proposal!


According to Bridebook.co.uk, there’s expected to be 100,000 proposals this Christmas alone! There’s a strong family element to the Christmas season, but many overlook the fact that it’s a romantic festival as well. Of course, with the number of seasonal special romances that come out every year, it’s hard to miss!


Within the festivities, the celebration, the culture of giving and the romantic cold of the winter season (unless you live in the southern hemisphere, of course!) there are many creative ways to make a proposal. Here are five Christmas-themed proposal ideas:



i) Ice Skating:

There are few more romantic activities on Christmas than Ice Skating. Out on the rink, bundled up together, arm in arm to keep each other up… ahhhhh. Skate with your partner to the centre of the rink. Pretend to slip. Go to one knee and reveal your ring. Be warned – this is for expert skaters. Don’t try it if there’s any chance you may actually slip and hurt yourself or your partner!




ii) At the doorstep under the night sky:

If you’re more of a simple traditionalist, then a great place to pop the question would be on the roof of your apartment complex or your balcony. We’d love to ask you to wait for a snowy evening or clear night full of stars, but in a city like Hong Kong, that may result in an indefinite wait! Either way, on a calm and peaceful Christmas Eve, be with your partner out in the open. It’ll probably be cold, and you’ll probably be shivering, but the warmth of the moment will take you beyond it all.



iii) By the fire on Christmas morning:

One of the most intimate places in a house is the fireplace, assuming you have one of course. Family and partners gathered together by a fire, wearing warm pyjamas and maybe even drinking some hot chocolate. Can it be better than that?! Intimate, romantic, cozy… This is the perfect time to pop the question if you’re a private soul, as you get to share the moment with your partner alone, as you begin your journey to experience many more special moments together.



iv) Under the Christmas Tree:

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the unboxing of gifts! How better to surprise your loved one than with a ring under the tree? Pro-tip: Keep the suspense high by placing the little ring box into a larger box – and then into an even larger box for maximum surprise!



v) 25 Gifts of Christmas:

This creative idea was posted by Confetti.co.uk on Pinterest. Get your partner one small gift through the 25 days of Advent, or the time of expectant waiting until Christmas. (Different churches celebrate a different number of days of Advent, so plan as per your convenience – or through the month of December.) Every day of the season, surprise your partner with a gift and a message telling them just how much they mean to you. For the final gift, on Christmas Day, give them a ring – and your heart!



Transform this Christmas into Valentine’s Day. Let us know how your special day goes! Happy Holidays!


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