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meet.mozaic is a discreet matchmaking service for Mature, English-speaking Hong Kong residents.

Founders of Mozaic, Carol DeCandido and Jacqueline Chia have both been residing in HK for over 20 years and have brought up families here. As mature women, we have a unique understanding of how lifestyles change as you age. We feel that relationships and dating are different in our demographic. We are not looking for the same type of relationship as we may have had in our youth and in many ways, we may be more selective. We would like to take the stress out of dating and bring back the fun, by introducing you to potential matches who add enjoyment to the process.

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Mature, professional, English-speaking, Hong Kong residents

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meet.mozaic Traditional Matchmaking benefits :


  • we focus on mature HK singles
  • no endless swiping required
  • only one hour of your time – we manage the rest
  • we personally get to know each of our clients
  • our goal is to make successful matches
Meet.mozaic was born from the collective frustrations of the mature demographic. These include not being able to find and connect with a like-minded partner, or experiencing difficulty making friends in HK. We had read about the issues of others in Hong Kong chat forums. Many feel dating apps are mundane, impersonal, time-consuming and there are so many scammers. It can be intimidating too. Sometimes it feels like you are on a merry go round going nowhere.

Single mature people in Hong Kong tend to be settled and have successful lifestyles, finances, and careers. They only miss the right companion. How can you find that perfect match? Where should you go to meet mature HK residents who are looking for a long-term committed relationship? Many friends and acquaintances of both sexes have commented on this challenge. You can live in a city of 7 million people and still feel disconnected.
Through personal experiences, I realized that most dating options in HK were not focused on the mature client. There was always an age limit which is normally even more restrictive for women. Indirectly this also affects the men who would like to meet a partner in their age range. There is no point in attending an event where all the matches are twenty years younger than you if that is not your preference. Many matchmakers do not spend the time to really get to know their clients and as a result, continue to make unsuitable matches.

meet.mozaic matchmaking service focuses on the mature HK resident. We develop relationships with our clients and try to learn as much as we can about their personality, as we feel it is an important factor in offering matches. It can be very frustrating to go on dates with matches who are not even remotely a good fit for you. We factor in the unique qualities of each of our clients and then find them a like-minded match. Of course, we can’t guarantee that a match will lead to romance, but at the minimum, you may make a new friend and have a pleasant date – wherever you are in Hong Kong!


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