About Us

meet.mozaic is a discreet matchmaking service for English speaking Hong Kong residents of all ages.

The Founders

Founders of Mozaic, Carol DeCandido and Jacqueline Chia have both been residing in HK for over 20 years and have brought up families here. meet.mozaic is an Introduction service for all ages. We cater to Hong Kong residents from 25-75 years old. As mature women, we have a unique understanding of how lifestyles change as you age. We feel that relationships and dating are different in our demographic. We are not looking for the same type of relationship as we may have had in our youth and in many ways, we may be more selective. We would like to take the stress out of dating and bring back the fun, by introducing you to potential matches who add enjoyment to the process.

Hong Kong Dating Simplified

meet.mozaic was born from the collective frustrations of singles dating in Hong Kong. The main frustration being the difficulty finding and connecting to like-minded people. Dating apps can be mundane, impersonal, and time consuming as well as intimidating . Sometimes it feels like you are on a merry go round to nowhere. meet.mozaic takes the work out of dating by introducing you to compatible matches. We meet all of our clients personally so that when we introduce you to a potential match you can feel safe and comfortable. meet.mozaic does the work for you.